Our purpose is simple: to provide you and your team with skills-based and regulatory compliant training,
enabling you to provide physical first aid and mental wellbeing support to colleagues in need.

To empower your team with confidence and competence supporting mental health, contact Prima Voca

Ellis says:

– Nigel and lily delivered a fantastic first aid course, and our entire team attended and became certified. Within the 2.5 hour course they managed to teach a great amount of essential lifesaving content, and approached it in a way that we’d never seen before, with the CPR procedure taught in bite-size chunks. This meant that carrying out the entire process was much more understandable. They even taught more than was expected, covering asthma and allergies. We would have no hesitation in recommending PrimaVoca for all future first aid courses, and we will certainly be looking to attend once again once certification expires.